April Development Meeting

04 April 2019 | Nettle Hill, COVENTRY
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When: Thursday 4 April 2019, 09:30 for a 10:00 start

Where: The Round, Nettle Hill, Brinklow Road, Ansty, COVENTRY CV7 9JL, Tel: 02476 621 899


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09:30 Coffee and networking

10:00 Introductions

10:10 Is Deming Still Relevant?

Presenter: Kevan Leach

A brief review of ‘What did Deming do for us?’ based on his works and the methodologies he drew together to form a definition of the way that an organisation needs to function for maximum effectiveness.
This should provide a reminder of his contributions, set the scene for the day, and focus thought on both the usefulness of his methods and how to achieve whole organisational change. This is not a Point by Point, Disease by Disease review; more of an ‘Is it still relevant, can it work today?’ session.

10:30  Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – from SoPK to CASE in healthcare

Presenter: Simon Dodd
Simon is a part-time NHS consultant general surgeon.  For the rest of his time he dons the hat of a health care systems engineer and in that role works to support other NHS staff to develop their improvement-by-design awareness, belief and capability.

Session summary: Simon will begin with a short presentation on the legacy of Deming and how he has combined it with systems engineering and applied it in the healthcare domain. We’ll use A&E performance and the infamous 4-hour target as the context, using real case studies that show what happens with various improvement strategies (do nothing, meddle, big bang uncontrolled experiment, and applied systems engineering). 
We will then play the “Save The NHS Game”, a computer simulation of the “macro-system” that illustrates why the above mentioned things happen. We will take on the roles of senior managers from various parts of the ‘fragmented’ system, each of us attempting to optimise our own part.
We will follow that with the “Outpatient Game”, which is a blood-and-flesh simulation of a “micro-system” that illustrates how we diagnose and treat a “sick” system. We will play the roles of patients and health care professionals.
Simon will finish off with a question: “How can I help to make a difference?”, exploring patient participation groups and effective co-production.

There will be a short coffee break during the morning.

12:50 Lunch

14:00 Afternoon session: Quality is not a cost

Presenter: Kevan Leach

Within many organisations there is a two pronged drive, 1- don’t spend money if we can at all cost avoid it; 2- sell, sell, sell, even if it is not quite what the customer wants.
If you look at these two approaches (which are more common than one would think) you don’t have to delve far below the surface to realise that they are mutual opposites.
And these are often allied with the mantra that ‘Quality Always Costs Money’. Of course this is only looking at one side of the equation, as very rarely do businesses think about the returns they would get. This is in part because there is a time lag between changing a method of operation and the benefits, and the returns may not be cast in stone through visible figures alone. This, of course, worries the accountants, and there is a perception that it is always that way with quality.
In this session we will walk through a whole organisation’s change from ‘move it as fast as you can, sell, sell, sell’; to ‘adding quality’, and ‘all one team’. And the outcome, via a previously ‘Great Unthinkable’, was a smoother running quality-driven organisation, which, incidentally, made a lot of money.

There will be a short refreshment break during the afternoon.

16:00 Review of the day; Future meetings; Any other business

16:30 End of meeting. Time for networking.

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