Leadership for sustainable performance: creating a legacy

01 December 2020 | On-line, book via EventBrite
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A free web workshop on Tues 1st December at 11:00 GMT, repeated on Thurs 3rd December at 18:00 GMT.

Facing an increasingly complicated environment, managers and leaders can be dazzled by shifting boundaries at national and local levels, overwhelmed by the range of claims made for quick-fixes, and concerned over relationships between leaders and employees.

This 90 minute interactive workshop will particularly help managers and staff of public and private organizations to navigate the maze.

Now more than ever staff at all levels need to know that leaders are well-equipped to identify the areas most needing improvement, steer adaption, and how to effectively gauge progress.
David Anker will tap his broad experiences of these issues, and share powerful practices to help leaders and supervisors compare forecast with results, and maintain traction on the 'big ticket issues'.

Booking: On-line, so please don't use our booking form. Instead, book your place via EventBrite, at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e...

Prices: Deming Alliance members: attendances fee for meetings are included in your yearly membership fee. However there are no fees for any attendee of this on-line free workshop. 

A new event in Deming Alliance's 'Out of the crisis; better management in a post pandemic world' series.

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