The Model of Sustainable Organisation (MoSO)

MoSO is an alternative way to examine how organisations work; which addresses the needs and aspirations of a turbulent and challenging period in the Anthropocene. 

At its core is the MoSO model, yet it is much more than that.

MoSO is a systemic thinking approach that shows how all organisations, of whatever size, and regardless of whether they exist as a business, public service or voluntary/charitable group, exist within a multi-layered context bounded by the environment, the institutions and civic society in which they function, their culture and leadership style. 

All of these influence the operation and performance of organisations and their impact on society, its institutions, and the wider world. 

MoSO Picture 2020

The MoSO Collective has created a number of resources for improvement practitioners, to help them make sense of organisations, management and operations, drawing upon the work of W.Edwards Deming, but extending that thinking to incorporate additional approaches and knowledge from a number of systems thinkers. 

1) The MoSO explanatory video, which acts as a general introduction to the Model of Sustainable Organisation, what it contains, and how it works. 

2) The MoSO Digest contains the key content about the model, in a handy form that's usable for individual learning, referral, explanation in workshop or other group situations. It comes in two formats:

        A4 - for printing, training and general use (32-pages) : MoSO Digest NewA4

        A5 - e-reader, tablet and mobile friendly (62-pages)   : MoSO Digest NewA5

more coming soon ...

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