About the Deming Alliance

We are a non-profit professional association of management experts and practitioners based in the UK. Our support is not restricted to UK's borders. We have - and will always welcome - supporters from all over the world. We are a fraternity engaged in transforming the way people live and work. We strive to expand the awareness, understanding and application of continual improvement.

Our supporters come from a very broad range of backgrounds. What we all have in common is a shared belief, based on our individual experience, that continual improvement is the most widely applicable and successful pragmatic approach for the better management of all types of organisations.

Some of us lead change inside organisations that employ us; some consult from the outside; some simply come to learn. We all apply continual improvement ideas in our lives because  learning this philosophy has far reaching consequences. It will  change the way we see the world.

The Deming Alliance’s mission is to spread the knowledge of effective management practices. We do this by helping our supporters deepen their knowledge of continual improvement and related disciplines, by developing partnerships with like-minded organisations and by lobbying for increased awareness of continual improvement among public sector executives.

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