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29 March 2019

The American Association for Quality (ASQ) today has announced that they have decided to award the Deming Medal to Alan Winlow, former Managing Director of Yorkshire Brick Company and Continuous Improvement Director at Marshalls PLC. Alan is the the second Brit to have won the prestigious prize, after Dr Henry R Neave (2001). The awards ceremony will take place on the 19 of May, in Fort Worth, prior to its annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement. For details, see the ASQ press release on 29 March. The Deming Alliance has also published a brief case study about Yorkshire Brick Company, where Alan Winlow first started to implement Deming's continual improvement methods, with outstanding results.

14 January 2019

Deming Institute's first EU Workshop on the Deming Management Method to be held in Amsterdam on 25 April 2019. Bill Bellows, the Deputy Director of the Deming Institute will be traveling form the Us to lead the event/ For more information, contact Frans Leijse, the Dutch organiser of the event.

23 August 2018

The UK Institute for Apprenticeships has approved a Level 7 (Postgraduate/Masters) Systems Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship, the Trailblazer committee for this apprenticeship has announced today. The next step will be to develop and prove the standards for this apprenticeship. More information will be added to the Institute for Apprenticeships website.

24 April 2018

NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team is holding a series of free webinars on Facilitating Large Scale Change, scheduled between 24 May and 12 July 2018.

For more more info and bookings, visit the Facilitating Large Scale Change webinar series page on NHS England's website.

7 December 2017

A systems approach to improving A&I services at Luton & Dunstable University Hospital BBC article "Why is Luton & Dunstable University Hospital hitting A&E target?"

21 November 2017

A topical application of process behaviour charts to UK political polling data, by Anthony Cutler.  In his own words, he wanted to present opinion polls and election results “as a movie rather than a snapshot”. Read the full article on Anthony's Unanticipated Knowledge blog. You can find the updates on Anthony Cutler's twitter feed, where the chart is being updated (almost) daily.  You are warmly invited to "post comments and challenges. Please spread the word by linking or retweeting."

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