12 Days to Deming - A Self-Study Course

Developed by HENRY R. NEAVE 

"12 Days to Deming" is an active learning course, offered as a free resource to those interested in acquiring a deep understanding of Deming's teaching. We are indebted to Prof. Henry Neave for providing this material, which is the result of several years work.

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About the Author

Drs Deming and Neave - Photo courtesy of SPC Press

Henry R. Neave is a retired professor of business studies. Between 1998 and 2004, he held the W Edwards Deming Chair of Leadership and Management in the Business School of the Nottingham Trent University, England. 

A close colleague and friend to Deming, Henry assisted at all the four-day seminars Deming held in the UK. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute and the author of the book "The Deming Dimension", published in 1990 with a foreword by Dr Deming himself.

How to use this learning material

This course is suitable for all those who wish to acquire a thorough understanding of continual improvement. It is designed to fit various levels of familiarity with Deming's teaching, including complete beginners, as no prior knowledge is necessary. No knowledge of statistics is required, either to begin or complete the course. Those who do wish to probe into the statistical side of continual improvement will find the relevant content in the "Optional Extras" section at the end of the course.

Give feedback to the author

We have published here the first version of this material. Improvements are still being made and we would be grateful for your feedback and suggestions. To contact the author, please go to the Contact page of this website and select "12 Days to Deming by Henry Neave" in the "Subject" drop-down box.

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